April Submission Calls

New Markets with Deadlines Nowhereville |2c/word|Deadline: May 1st. |Christmas Horror  Baby, It’s Cold Outside |$150|Deadline: July 1st. |Winter Holiday Crime Midnight Before Christmas |2c/word|Deadline: May 1st. |Christmas Horror Midnight Hour |2c/word|Deadline: May 1st. | Kill Switch |$10|Deadline: October 31st |Tech Horror Haunted Are These Houses |1c/word|Deadline: April 28th.  Innsmouthbreathers |3c/word|Deadline: July 31st. Monstrous Outlines |3c/word|Deadline: November 31st. Inferno Award |Deadline: June 15th.|Novel Contest. Monsters of …

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Calls for Submissions February 2018

  New Markets with Deadlines Monsters of Any Kind |$100|Deadline: July 10th. Apparition |1c/word |Deadline: February 28th. Midnight Hour |2c/word |Deadline: May 1st. Horror Zine: Ghost Stories |$20|Deadline: April 30th. Apex: Zodiac |6c/word |Deadline: May 1st. Fiends in the Furrows |1c/word |Deadline: May 1st. Sword & Sonet |6c/word |Deadline: March 1st. SNAFU Resurrection |4c/word |Deadline: April 30th. Halloween Anthology |3c/word |Deadline: …

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Short Story Markets

List of short story I have my eye on. All are paying, not all of them are pro.    Magazines, no deadline http://giganotosaurus.org/submission-guidelines/ 100$ https://sycamorereview.com/submissions/ $50 http://www.milkfist.com/submission_guidelines $10 https://lovecraftzine.com/submissions/ $50 http://www.sockdolager.net/submission-guidelines/ 2 CENT + REPRINTS https://gallerycurious.com/submissions/ 1.5 CENTS STEAMPUNK RETROFUTURE http://www.slicemagazine.org/submit-your-work/#.VKWPiIqsVHi $250 https://redsunmagazine.wordpress.com/guidelines/ $100 http://syntaxandsalt.com/submit/ Magical Realism $10 https://grendel-song.com/submit/ 3 CENTS Folklore http://www.blackgirlmagicmag.com/submit/ $50 http://www.brackenmagazine.com/ …

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