Short Story Markets

List of short story I have my eye on. All are paying, not all of them are pro. 


Magazines, no deadline 100$ $50 $10 $50 2 CENT + REPRINTS 1.5 CENTS STEAMPUNK RETROFUTURE $250 $100 Magical Realism $10 3 CENTS Folklore $50 2 CENTS $50 1 CENT $50 1 CENT 7 CENTS!submissions/c24vq $5-30


Anthologies, Themed Issues $250-500 Dec 31st Krampus Aug 31st $10 $100 Oct 15th New England $75 2017 3 CENTS Jan 31st 3 CENTS Sep 15th $250 Aug 31st 2 CENTS Aug 30th 1 CENT Oct 31st 3 CENTS Jan 31 $250 Dec 31 $15 Oct 31st

\ Dec 31st $15


4 thoughts on “Short Story Markets”

  1. There are a lot here that I was unaware of so thanks for sharing! But what about your man Max Booth III at Dark Moon Digest? And there is Gamut as well.
    And, hey, I really enjoyed Darkhorse Actual. The first of your stories that I have read. Keep up the good work!

  2. George Cotronis

    You ain’t wrong! Gamut however is closed until September and Dark Moon Digest is a bit backed up right now.
    Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Yeah I knew about Gamut. It’ll be open on the 1st, closed by the 2nd! Didn’t realise DMD was backed up, but I remember Max posting about slush. But I’ll be checking out the other markets you mentioned!

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