Call for Submissions April 2017

New Markets with Deadlines

Corporate Cthulhu | 3c/word |Deadline: June 1

The Mad Visions of al-Hazred | $25|Deadline: June 30th

Retro Future  Science Fiction|Pays SWFA+ |Theme: Resistance|Deadline: September 1st

Red Room Magazine Extreme Horror | 3c/word |Deadline: July 1st

Outlook Springs Strange Stories| $25 |Deadline: July 15th

Zombie Punks Fuck Off | 1c/word |Deadline: April 30th

Year’s Best Hardcore Horror  Reprints| 1c/word |Deadline: End of year

Against Survival | $10|Deadline: August 22nd

Garden of Earthly Delights | Pays half a cent / word|Deadline: January 31st

The Wyrd | $10|Deadline: June 30th

The Anatomy of Monsters | $25|October 31st

The Beauty of Death 2 | $100|Deadline: September 1st

Dark Luminous Wings | 2c/word|Deadline: May 30th

SNAFU: Judgement Day | 3c/word AUS|Deadline: April 30th

Down with the Fallen Post Apocalyptic| $5 /1000 words |Deadline: July 21st

Welcome to Miskatonic University | 8c/word|Deadline: June 30th


Rolling Submission Periods (May or may not be open)

Perihelion  Sci-fi| 1c/word

Helios Quarterly |2 c/word+

Hyperion & Theia | 1c/word

Pantheon |1c/word

Sycamore Review $50


No Deadline/Ongoing Submissions

Samovar (A Strange Horizons project)  English Translations| 6c/word

Lovecraft Zine $50

Sockdolager 2 CENT + REPRINTS

Red Sun $100

Syntax and Salt Magical Realism $10

Black Girls Are Magic |$50

Bracken |2 cents/word

WOLVES |$5-30

Gathering Storm Magazine Themed| Pays $25

The Dark Magazine |Horror |3c/word |Reprints Accepted

Black Static Magazine 

Dark Moon Digest |1c/word

Bourbon Penn | 1c/word

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