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New Short Story Markets for October

October is upon us. You’re gonna be busy carving pumpkins and watching spooky flicks, so now’s the time to send out some submissions before it’s too late.

I only have a hanful available to submit, but I sent out what I had. What about you?



Here’s what’s new.

Markets with Deadlines

Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide. Middle Grade. 6 cents a word. Deadline:  January 31, 2017

Skelos Journal. Spec fic. 1 cent a word. Deadline: September 30.

Mythic. Spec fic. $40. Deadline: September 30, opens again December 1st.

Gods and Monsters. 6 cents a word. Deadline: December 31st.

World Unknown Review. $15. Deadline: October 31st.


…and here’s what’s old, but still current.


Magazines I like, no deadline

http://giganotosaurus.org/submission-guidelines/ 100$

Sycamore Review $50

Milkfist $10

Lovecraft Zine $50

Sockdolager 2 CENT + REPRINTS

https://gallerycurious.com/submissions/ 1.5 CENTS STEAMPUNK RETROFUTURE

http://www.slicemagazine.org/submit-your-work/#.VKWPiIqsVHi $250

Red Sun $100

Syntax and Salt Magical Realism $10

Grendel Song 3 CENTS Folklore

Black Girls Are Magic $50

Bracken 2 cents/word

http://www.whethermagazine.com/write-for-us/ $50

Far Strider

Vastarian Journal 1 CENT

http://www.norwegianamerican.com/contribute/ $50

https://authorbobfreeman.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/occult-detective-quarterly/ 1 CENT

https://persistentvisionsmag.com/guidelines 7 CENTS

WOLVES $5-30


Markets with Deadlines.

http://horrortree.com/taking-submissions-the-binge-watching-cure/ $250-500 Dec 31st

http://horrortree.com/taking-submissions-the-worlds-of-science-fiction-fantasy-and-horror-vol-ii/ $100 Oct 15th

https://orfordparishbooks.com/2016/06/21/call-for-submissions-for-new-england-folk-horror-anthology/ New England $75 2017

http://horrortree.com/taking-submissions-dark-toronto/ 3 CENTS Jan 31st

http://www.tacituspublishing.com/call_for_submissions.html 1 CENT Oct 31st

http://martianmigrainepress.com/submission-call-for-the-2017-mmp-anthology/ 3 CENTS Jan 31

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1962286285/humans-wanted-a-sf-anthology/posts/1645766 $250 Dec 31

http://www.amurderofstorytellers.com/submissions/ $15 Oct 31st

https://manchesterspeculativefiction.org/2016/08/09/revolutions-2/ Dec 31st $15

Writing Soundtrack: Evil Within


Evil Within is a fairly mediocre game. The soundtrack however is pretty good and I think it might be a good fit for some horror writing. It’s a bit upbeat, which isn’t always my cup of tea, but I can see it working for the right kind of story or chapter. It has some pounding, almost industrial sounding tracks, interespersed with some quieter passages with a bit more atmosphere. You could probably eliminate some of the more hardcore tracks for an easier listening experience.

Anyway, I’m not a music critic, take a listen and judge for yourself.

Writing Sountrack: Last of Us


This is going to be one of my staples: Soundtrack recommendations for writing.

Personally, I can write with most kinds of music playing, but sometimes I have trouble concentrating, especially if I know the songs well and the lyrics creep into my mind when I’m writing. Anyway, I finished the PS3 exclusive LAST OF US other day (review forthcoming) and I could tell the OST would be great for writing. Moody, quiet music, mixed in with some guitar tracks and some more uptempo ones, but nothing too jarring. I hate it when I’m listening to a soundtrack and reach that inescapable ”bad shit going down” part of it that completely breaks my concentration. Anyway, I suck at writing copy so I’m gonna keep this short.

I’m including a link to a spotify playlist.