Submission Calls October ’17

New Markets with Deadlines Trouble the Waters |6c/word |Deadline: November 1st. Weird Western|1c/word |Deadline: February 1st. Terror Politico |Politics|$30-$70 |Deadline: December 31st. Tales of Ruma |Greek Roman Mythology|6c/word |Deadline: November 1st. Fell Beasts and Fair |1c/word |Deadline: November 1st. Lethe Press |Avarice| 5c/word |Deadline: December 31st. Broken Metropolis |Queer tales| $25|Deadline: December 7th. Lost Films |Film and Movies| 2c/word |Deadline: October …

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Short Story Markets & Submission Calls: 2017

New year, new stories, new short story markets. Deadlines Retro Future  Science Fiction|Pays SWFA+ |Theme: Love |Deadline: February 1st Retro Future Science Fiction|Pays SWFA+ |Theme: Games|Deadline: March 1st Liminal Stories 6 c/word|Deadline: January 15th Helios Quarterly 2 c/word+|Commercial Cosmonauts & Hired Guns|Deadline: January 15th Nightscript  $20 | Lit Horror| Deadline: January 31st. Tales to Terrify (Audio) $50 | Deadline: January 31st. A Breath from …

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