April Submission Calls


New Markets with Deadlines

Nowhereville |2c/word|Deadline: May 1st. |Christmas Horror 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside |$150|Deadline: July 1st. |Winter Holiday Crime

Midnight Before Christmas |2c/word|Deadline: May 1st. |Christmas Horror

Midnight Hour |2c/word|Deadline: May 1st. |

Kill Switch |$10|Deadline: October 31st |Tech Horror

Haunted Are These Houses |1c/word|Deadline: April 28th. 

Innsmouthbreathers |3c/word|Deadline: July 31st.

Monstrous Outlines |3c/word|Deadline: November 31st.

Inferno Award |Deadline: June 15th.|Novel Contest.

Monsters of Any Kind |$100|Deadline: July 10th.

Midnight Hour |2c/word |Deadline: May 1st.

Horror Zine: Ghost Stories |$20|Deadline: April 30th.

Apex: Zodiac |6c/word |Deadline: May 1st.

Fiends in the Furrows |1c/word |Deadline: May 1st.

SNAFU Resurrection |4c/word |Deadline: April 30th.

Hinnom |$30-$55 |Weird Fiction / Cosmic Horror.

Not One of Us |1c/word |Deadline: November 6th |Reprint.

City in the Ice |$25 |Deadline: June 30th.


Rolling Submission Periods (May or may not be open)

Starship Sofa|$50 |Audio

Iridium |3c/word |Deadline: April 15th.

Deciduous |3c/word  

Spectacle |$100-$500

Liminal Stories| 6c/word.

Pulp Literature  $0.035 – $0.07/word  |All genres |+Novellas

Perihelion  Sci-fi| 1c/word.

Helios Quarterly |2 c/word+

Hyperion & Theia | 1c/word.

Pantheon |6c/word. 

Sycamore Review $50

Antimatter Magazine |$20 

Body Parts Magazine |Horror|$10 – $20.

Non Binary Review  | 1c/word.

Digital Fiction Publishing |1c/word |Reprints



No Deadline/Ongoing Submissions

Galaxy’s Edge |7c/word

The Pale Leaves|$30 |Folklore etc

Vastarien |Ligottian|1c/word. 

Mythic |$40

Automata |$25

Factor Four |8c/word

Mystery Weekly |$25

Arcanist |$50 |Max 1000 words.

Grievous Angel |6c/word |max 700 words.

Buckshot Magazine |2000 words max |$10CAD.

Black Dandy|Strange and unusual| 3c/word.

Storyteller $100 | Lit

Samovar (A Strange Horizons project)  English Translations| 6c/word

Lovecraft Zine $50

Sockdolager 2 CENT + REPRINTS

Syntax and Salt Magical Realism $10

Black Girls Are Magic |$50

Bracken |2 cents/word

Gathering Storm Magazine Themed| Pays $25

The Dark Magazine |Horror |3c/word |Reprints Accepted

Black Static Magazine |Horror 

Dark Moon Digest |1c/word |Horror 

Bourbon Penn | 1c/word


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