New Art: Occult Detective Quarterly #3

I reached out to the good folks over at Occult Detective Quarterly and asked if I could do a cover for them. They foolishly said yes and sealed their fate.

Anyway, this is it, go check it out, buy it and thank me later.

With even more thrill-packed pages than last issue, OCCULT DETECTIVE QUARTERLY returns to offer another wild ride of strange crimes, where hardened investigators and supernatural sleuths dare the darkness to seek out the truth. New tales of gritty detective work and the unnatural cross the globe and the timelines. A Seventies PI faces death on the NY subway; a gifted young woman investigates murder in Victorian England, and the authorities send a man to help troops in Nicaragua who face unknown terrors. Pulp noir meets the worlds of H P Lovecraft, and an unusual detective faces aquatic perils in the Bay of Bengal. Sherlock Holmes himself makes an appearance, and much more. Stories from Brian M Sammons, Alice Loweecy, Edward M Erdelac, Willie Meikle and six other talented modern writers. Plus extensive reviews, non-fiction articles on Robert E Howard’s detective characters, Dickens and Conan Doyle, and great commissioned art.


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